Self Care is all about a Woman’s Journey back home to herself….


Yoni is Sanskrit for the word Vagina and Womb, also know as our Sacred Temple.

As Women, we neglect our wombs on a daily, with our only concerns or care arises during sex, menstrual cycles or when something needs treatment. What many women have diminished in awareness, is that our Womb is a portal of Life, Power, Creativity, and our deepest emotions.

Did you know?? The human brain has 52,000 Creative nerve endings, and our Womb has 72,000!!

Yoni Steaming has been used for centuries for both Physical and Spiritual healing. Detox the womb. Relief in the womb. Healing of Womb trauma and strengthening the Uterine and Vaginal canals. Balances hormonal imbalances, speedy relief after giving birth, helps shrink cysts and fibroids, and helps with Menopause and Infertility.


“Our Womb is an Eternal Compass to our Divine qualities. "

Begin your Journey back home to yourself beginning with our you care and love yourself.

— Dalai Mama XO


Calm your body and mind by Meditation+ Mindful journaling + Spiritual Baths…


The goal is to Empower, Encourage, & Embrace….

We are here to support bringing an awareness and to create a communication between ones self and higher self to unblock the creative blocks that can lead to healing, success, clear stagnant energy blockages, improve Sexual and Reproductive health.

To help guide through Spiritual Transformation, Womb wellness coaching, Mindful nutrition, and Fitness goals for the total alignment of Mind + Body + Spirit.

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