Body Scrub

Body Scrub


Our healing body scrubs are AMAZING! The healing benefits of the herbs and the exfoliation of the flower buds combined with Dead Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt POLISHES your BODY by removing dead skin cells, REVITALIZING, TONING, and FIRMING your SKIN with RESULTS that SMOOTH, GLOWING, and HEALTHY.

We use Organic Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt in our Scrubs, with locally grown herbs, dried flowers and therapeutic grade essential oils.. On a personal note I prefer a little fresh lemon zest in all my scrubs for personal use. Lemon besides being so vibrant to awaken the senses, it is good for cleansing negative energy. Another good use is if you even have lemon essential oil, to add a few drops to your dryer sheets when doing laundry. It will aide and assist a good nights sleep. Safe for kids.

I know you will enjoy these scrubs, as I have crafted each of them with the intent to work with your Chakras. To ALIGN your SENSES with your PERSONAL INTENT to promote and support the WELLNESS of your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

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