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Self Care is about a Woman’s journey back home to herself…

Dalai Mama Holistic Wellness is dedicated to providing Feminine Holistic Health coaching and spa services including Yoni Steaming; a traditional Herbal Vaginal Steam to NOURISH, DETOX, REJUVENATE and CLEANSE the womb. As an both an advocate for Womb Wellness and a Board Certified Feminine Wellness Coach and Practitioner, I am committed to helping women in a relaxed and supportive way to gain a greater awareness of the healing powers of the womb that we all have; to start or gain a better dialogue with herself through mindfulness, journaling, meditation, yoni steaming, crystal grids and radical self care. Each woman is different and through a personalized assessment we can partner together to develop a womb wellness plan that is aligned with your womb goals.


Self Care & Self Love Empowerment coaching

Learn easy to do daily rituals for every day to enhance your journey of self love, how to set intent & manifest the life you want. Included is how to create your own altar space and spiritual bath rituals.

Yoni Steaming (Vaginal Steaming)

Yoni Steaming is a herbal steaming method for CLEANSING and DETOXING and HEALING of the Uterus and Vagina before and after each menstrual cycle, speed healing after giving birth, heal from womb trauma. This has been practiced for generations by many cultures for both the PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL healing benefits of this hydrotherapy. It helps REGULATE MENSTRUAL CYCLES, FIBROID RELIEF and OVARIAN CYSTS, UTERINE PROLAPSE and INCREASE LIBIDO, REDUCE MENSTRUAL CRAMPS, EASE MENOPAUSAL SYMPTOMS, CLEAR ENERGY BLOCKAGES.

**This is a Spa service or a Yoni Steaming Stool/Basin and Herbal Steaming kit can be purchased to create an in home experience to enjoy and get the benefits from anywhere.

Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring

With Spiritual coaching, gain the support and assistance needed with listening and trusting your inner wisdom and divine guidance. To help you navigate thru the emotions and gain a higher wisdom and understanding during your spiritual journey. Spiritual coaching is also good for those who are energetically and spiritually blocked and not sure how to navigate through it.

New & Full Moon Intention Setting Workshop

This intential workshop session to learn how to set intent and release during the New and Full moons, along with learning the benefits of syncing our menses with the phases of the moon.

Guided Meditation & Visualization

Guided Meditation and Visualization is used as a therapeutic method to alleviate stress and anxiety. It has been effective uplifting your spirit, increasing inner peace and positive changes. It also helps to connect with your authentic self to unblock creative energy. Renew and calm your mind, visualize the life you want.