Yoni Vaginal Steaming

Yoni Vaginal Steaming is a Peri steam hydrotherapy of steaming herbs in a traditional method. We then use the infusion of that steam to cleanse, detox, soothe, and heal the Uterus and Vagina. There are many benefits to this method of womb wellness.


What is the Yoni?

Yoni is Sanskrit for the word Vagina and Womb, also known as Sacred Temple. As Women we neglect our wombs daily, with concern only when a problem arises, during sex, and menstrual cycle. Our Yoni is a portal of Life, Power, our deepest emotions and Creativity. Did you know the brain has 50.000 nerve endings and our Womb has 72,000! Our womb is an internal compass to our Divine qualities. Begin your journey back home to self by beginning your Self Care and Self Love.



sacred and Spiritual

Yoni Steaming is a sacred and tradition practice.. in addition to all the physical healing powers of the herbal infusions, Yoni Steaming can assist in the healing of womb trauma, emotional, hormonal and spiritual imbalances.



Cleansing and Disinfecting

Cleansing the Vagina and Uterus after menstruation, miscarriage, birth, and abortion. Treats infections such as Chronic yeast infections, Bacteria Vaginosis and maintain a healthy odor.

Steaming also assists in speed healing after giving birth.



Relief and Nourish

Yoni Steaming helps to relieve bloating, menstrual cramps, irregular periods, Menopause symptoms, Hemorrhoid reduction, Fibroid relief, ovarian cysts and uterine prolapse.


Mindful and Intuitive Eating


Food that is good for Mind Body and Soul...

"Rainbow Eating is one of the keys to enhancing the whole of ourselves."

Schedule a session and learn more about your Chakras and how to eat for them. All sessions include a Wellness Box to get you started on your journey!

**Group and Private Cooking Demos available.

“Chakra Foods. Understand the Food beyond the calories.. Our food effects our moods, our health and our spirit.”