Sacred Wombyn Massage Oil

Sacred Wombyn Massage Oil

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Suggested Usage: Massage on skin after shower or bath, Use for self breast rejuvenation massage, and my favorite use is for abdominal massage or womb stimulation massage.

Benefits of Abdominal Self Massage include Increases blood flow and circulation, maintains hormonal balance, loosens and removes old tissue and matter from the intestinal walls, reduces clotting during menstrual cycle, movements will break down cysts, boost egg health, improves digestion, releases emotional tension, detoxifies liver and improves function. Benefits of Gold Leaf include Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, stimulates skin natural firming cells to improve skin elasticity, also improves blood circulation, calms, and brightens skin. Benefits of Rose Essential oil and Rosebuds, Upliftingaromatic, balance hormones, astringent, increase natural libido, relieve anxiety

Relax, Indulge, Pamper and Connect with your Sacral Chakra. This oil is hand crafted using a luxurious blend of Organic Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, and Grapeseed Oils with Organic Rose petals, 24kt gold leaf. Moroccan Rose essential oils. Each bottle has soaked in the sun and has a charged up Carnelian stone to raise your vibration and deepen the healing when using this oil.

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