Health + Sanitation

We are committed to healthy and clean steaming!

We take our health and safety very seriously. That’s why we have a strict cleaning regulations. We pride ourselves in providing clean, professional services that raise the bar on hygiene, sanitation and Feminine + Womb wellness.

You won’t find any reused paper sheets here. Gloves are not an option – they’re the standard. Our Yoni Steaming rooms and equipment are thoughtfully sanitized between each and every client, and fresh wipes are supplied for your comfort and Womb care. 

We strive to keep our Feminine Wellness Spa + Boutique as clean as possible in the most sustainable way. Our eco-friendly efforts expand from the FARM to SKIN hand-blended herbs right here on premises, cleaner to the products we create. We aim to provide an eco-friendly, all-natural experience in every way we can.

Xo, Dalai Mama ~