Vibe Higher with Our Skin & Beauty treatments!


Herban Girl...

We infuse all oils and SKINCARE with Gemstones and local and organically grown herbs. A lot of the HERBS we use are GROWN on the farms here in the Garden State and Pennsylvania. The benefits of the herbal infusion are formulated and hand crafted to soothe, cleanse, tone, brighten + tighten the skin. The Energy of the gemstones will work to RAISE your VIBRATION.


Herbal + Gemstone + Beauty Rituals

There are many benefits in using Crystals and Gemstones in beauty regiments and skincare. A lot of people have wondered if Crystal healing really works. What we do know is, dating back to the Egyptians, crystals have been used for centuries for their beauty and healing powers. Crystals emit an energy at a high frequency, so when placed on or near your skin or body and if for example you are experiencing low vibes (feeling sluggish or depressed), it will raise your frequency to meet that of the stone. Stones have different properties for uplifting,love, calming, absorb negativity, balance and the list goes on. The healing power is for empowerment and enhancement of your own personal beliefs.